Louie Gonnie – Yesterday’s Dreams Echo into Tomorrow


Through the traditions of the Native American Church, Louie Gonnie sings songs of strength and hope that echo into all our tomorrows.

Louie Gonnie (Diné) – Vocals, gourd.
Branson Gorman (Diné) – Vocals, water drum
Jonah Littlesunday (Diné) – Native American Flute sample on “Torch Bearer”
Sound Design – Russell Marsden, Stephen Butler based on concepts by Louie Gonnie


1. Traverse (9:34)

2. Hand in Hand (9:58)

3. Follow the Sun (8:33)

4. Among Black Cedar (8:40)

5. Torch Bearer (11:41)

6. What Lies Ahead (10:18)

Total time – 58:47


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