Fawn Wood – Kakike


Cree/Salish songstress Fawn Wood weaves songs of longing, hope and the joys of life that uplift the soul and heal the heart. 

Fawn Wood (Cree/Salish) – Vocals, hand drum, rattles, spoken words
with Dallas Waskahat (Frog Lake Cree) – Vocals, hand drums, rattles
Charles Wood III (Cree) – Lead vocals on “Singing and Praying”, vocals, hand drums
Tony Duncan (Apache/Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara) – Native American Flute on “Singing and Praying.”
Alan DiPerna – Piano, electric guitar and instrumental arrangement on “Hopelessly Devoted.”


1. kakike (4:25)
2. Hopelessly Devoted (5:17)
3. Skatin (3:08)
4. I Don’t Know What to Do (3:04)
5.Lullaby for Ambrose (3:47)
6. Uncle’s Hand Game Song (2:53)
7. Singing and Praying (feat. Charles Wood III) (5:21)
8. ahâsiw Hop (2:36)
9. TG Sound (3:51)
10. The Late Charlie Wood II’s Round Dance Song (3:50)
11. Hope (3:03)
Total time – 41:23


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