Native American Flute

  • Through the traditions of the Native American Church, Louie Gonnie sings songs of strength and hope that echo into all our tomorrows. Louie Gonnie (Diné) - Vocals, gourd. Branson Gorman (Diné) - Vocals, water drum Jonah Littlesunday (Diné) - Native American Flute sample on “Torch Bearer” Sound Design - Russell Marsden, Stephen Butler based on concepts by Louie Gonnie
  • Between the times of dusk and dawn, in the spaces where the earth meets the sky, noted singers Branson Gorman and Louie Gonnie sing songs that evoke the beauty and majesty of the Native American Church. Branson Gorman (Diné) - Vocals, gourd, water drum Louie Gonnie (Diné) - Vocals, gourd, water drum Jonah Littlesunday (Diné) - Native American Flute on “Light.” All songs composed by Branson Gorman and Louie Gonnie. All songs sung in Diné (Navajo) and vocables, English and vocables or vocables only.
  • Diné Native American Flutist Jonah Littlesunday captivates the soul with soothing, resonant flute lines that reflect journeys of love and life. Jonah Littlesunday (Diné) - Native American Flutes, whistles and percussion Kenneth Cozad, Sr. (Kiowa) - vocals on “The Sun Valley” Stephen Butler - Percussion on “Vision Quests”


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