Fawn Wood - Kakike

Alton Tsosie with Lincoln Josley

Beneath the Canyon Falls

Diné (Navajo), Native American Church, Traditional, American Southwest

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From the lands of the Diné come the stunning melodies and sweeping rhythms of Alton Tsosie and Lincoln Josley as they share the traditions of the Native American Church.

Alton Tsosie
All vocals, gourd 

Lincoln Josely
Water drums

All songs composed by Alton Tsosie.

All songs sung in the Diné language and vocables or vocables only.

1. Set 1 – “Realm of Grand Falls” (9:12)
2. Set 2 – “Embracing the Four Sacred Pathways“ (8:07)
3. Set 3 – “Humbling Echo of Harmony” (8:24)
4. Set 4 – “Evoking Our Ancestors Prayers” (8:19)
5. Set 5 – “A Beautiful Blessing” (7:46)
6. Set 6 – “Prayers for the Future” (8:24)
7. Solo – “Beautiful Woman of Grand Falls” (2:37)
8. Solo – “Spiritual Blessings – Happy Birthday“ (2:07)
Total time – 54:59

Beneath the Canyon Falls

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